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My core business I have been selling homes since 2002, throughout the Midlands, Warwickshire and now Leicestershire. 


Having started renting homes during 2008, I have rented homes that vary in size and location from flats right up to large new build barns and rural properties 


Having found a company that offers my clients a good service in 2017 we use an online legal firm to offer free legal quotes for anyone looking to buy or sell a property whether or not you use me to sell or buy, I can help on this side

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I have worked with West Midlands Mortgages since 2002 and have always had a really good working relationship with them and know and trust that they can help all clients with their mortgage needs 

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The one thing that comes with experience is knowing where to find information, this section will offer you a huge number of downloadable forms and help sheets that I have used and adapted over the last few years ready to download in PDF format that you can alter and reuse. 

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We offer accurate probate valuations either in the current market or if needed with historical date of death figures. 

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Fixed price rent reviews including the notices that go with them to increase the rent to the tenant. 


Energy performance certificates £70 fixed price for a EPC which you are valid for 10 years and are needed to rent or sell any home in the UK.